Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Whirlwind visits

Once again, just to let you know what is happening with us. My mum and dad came back to France with us for a month but unfortunately my dad was really unwell, we think he may have slipped a disc so we came home early. Since then it has been rather hectic, getting dad sorted with a doctor's appointment first which has now been done. He is seeing a consultant on Thursday where he will be assessed and see what can be done for him. His doctor was brilliant and said she didn't want to send him to a back specialist because they would see his age of 90 and write him off. This consultant he is seeing specializes in the elderly and he tries very hard to keep his patients as fit as they are able to be which is much better. Fingers crossed now. I am so lucky to have my sister who lives close to them so she always keeps an eye on them while I'm in France, otherwise I wouldn't feel happy staying there for such long periods. Thanks Sis.

We are now at Vicki's spending some time with them and our beautiful grandchildren who certainly keep us on our toes. There isn't much time to "relax" while we are here, but we love it. Relaxing time comes when we visit Clare and Kenny tomorrow, we will be staying with them for quite a while and we are close to mum and dad there as well, so we can keep an eye on things and do stuff for them. The stays with our daughters is so different, so next week will be more relaxing and catching up with personal jobs, as Clare works during the day so the time is our own. Having said that, Clare has taken a days holiday on Thursday and she is taking me to a Christmas market at Bath which I am really looking forward to. Christmas shopping to be finished off, a lovely lunch, and a special time with daughter just browsing round the stalls, especially when it gets dark and all the fairy lights are on. Tastings of mulled wine, Mmmmmm.

I will blog again when I know what is happening with my dad and let you all know. I will have to try and take some photos as well to make it more interesting. Bye for now.