Friday, 26 June 2009

Cute or What

Just a couple of lovely photos of Little Kitten. Smokey is being so good and doesn't bother her at all, hopefully I will be able to get a photo of them together soon. I missed my opportunity today when they were both playing with the same piece of string, I didn't have my camera with me. You will notice that the photos are with the "big stern man who isn't soft at all"....... Yeah right!!
The first one is of Little Kitten and one of the Pirates of Penzance!!!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Just some lovely pictures

I am going to let the photos speak for themselves. They are, and not in the right order I expect, Smokey stopping me from finishing a "taggy" I had made for one of Clare's friend's baby. They are such a lot of money to buy, but great fun to make. The babies love playing with all the little tags and buttons. A rose that a friend gave us for our Ruby Wedding anniversary in March, it is called "Ruby Wedding". A wild kitten (Hissing Sid at the moment) that we found in the garden, very, very hungry but wouldn't come near us a few days ago. Today, he came close enough to eat a little meal off a saucer, so fingers crossed. A hibiscus which I bought from the market today, fantastic colour and looks so good in the anniversary present my sister gave to us. I just love the idea of the big cup and saucer and what a colour that flower is, look at the stamens close up. Perfect.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Back again

Well, here we are back in France after our visit to the UK for 2 weeks. The reason we went mainly was to help our youngest daughter and her husband settle in to their new house in Penzance. Firstly though we stayed with Vicki, Bill and the children for a few days and of course that was wonderful seeing them all again. Luckily we see them fairly often so now they just run straight up to us, I would hate it if they were a little shy at first. Mind you, having 3 children running full pelt at you can be rather disturbing, you have to brace yourself so they don't knock you flying!! Also while we were staying there, we all went to my mum and dads for a day and they are in good health. The children were really good and the weather was marvelous, so much so that we hooked the hose pipe onto the washing line and the children had great fun running through it. Mum and dad love having them there and it was a really good day.

Richard had a list of jobs to do at Clare and Kenny's so it was a matter of putting them in order of urgency. The kitchen was first and he set to cutting, chopping and changing cupboard doors around so they could fit their cooker and fridge in. This was done and it will be down to them now to do the decorating, but it is a nice size kitchen with lots of potential. Richard then did a lot in their bedroom and various other jobs. Clare and I did a fair bit of shopping but really, I couldn't do an awful lot and I felt a bit useless, but there will be other times no doubt. We walked into Penzance which is only about 15 minutes walk and it is a very pretty town and the views of the sea of course are wonderful. I have to say they have chosen well, it is a very practical house for them and close to all amenities and I hope and pray they are very happy there. At least when I talk to Clare on the phone now I can imagine where she is, it always helps doesn't it? They have a walled garden and a friend of theirs who lives close by and loves gardening, has great plans, so I think they are going to have lots of fun doing that. That is something I can at least help with when I next go down.

Now we are back it is getting the wretched garden back to how it was, the lawn and weeds have just gone mad because it has been very warm and wet. That is the only trouble with leaving it at this time of year, we just don't know where to start on our return. We have our oldest friends coming to stay on the 1st July for a week and I can't wait. Jim has been before in a "working" capacity and always when it has been freezing cold, and Sue hasn't been at all, so I am really looking forward to having them here so we can just chill out and enjoy each other's company. First though we have to get a room ready for them so I had better go and do some more work.

Take care everyone, God bless and talk again soon.