Monday, 21 December 2009

I'm still here

Hi everyone, just to let you know I'm still here. Since the 1st November I have been over in the UK and staying with my parents so of course I have had no access to a computer as Richard stayed over in France. He was supposed to be coming back here on the 17th December, but as a surprise he arrived early on the morning of the 13th which was my birthday. A lovely surprise and I really had no idea. I spent a lovely day with Vicki, Bill and the grandchildren, and my oldest friends, Sue and Jim came for the day as well, so all in all, not so bad getting a year older.
Richard and I are now in Penzance staying with Clare and Kenny for Christmas and we have just come back from a lovely walk where we fed the birds, ducks, swans and squirrels. The cheeky squirrels climbed up our legs to get the monkey nuts so it was a lot of fun. Very cold though, but we were wrapped up warm.

I am going to sign off now but will write more another time. It's good to have the puter back again. Everyone have a lovely Christmas, may you all receive the gift you wish for, and for me that is health, peace and happiness, (oh and perhaps a new handbag!!). Gosh, how cheesy does that sound. God bless you and your families.