Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Story of Og-Pog

Here I am at Clare's again so I thought I would just put a short post. As I have told you, we are staying with my mum and dad and when I left Vicki and the children, my little grandson asked me if he could have a red Og-Pog. What is an Og-Pog I hear you say? Well, I knitted him a little blanket and on this blanket was a pocket in which fitted a knitted teddy. Very, very basic, almost to being quite ugly, but he LOVED it; it was in brown and at the moment, his favourite colour is red, so he desperately wanted a red one. I bought the wool and then found that I have left the pattern in France!!!! Catastrophy!! I went to the shop where I had originally bought the book with the blanket patterns in and found the book. It is £6, so I really didn't want to buy another one, especially as I wouldn't be knitting any more blankets. I told the lady in the shop my problem and showed her the little pattern of the teddy and asked if she had anything similar. The answer of course was no, they were far more sophisticated and she was very apologetic that she couldn't photo copy it for me. I quite understood and then started planning the next plan of action. While I was deliberating, this lovely lady came and handed me a piece of paper and a pen and said, " I didn't just do that" and walked away. How cool was that? The next few minutes was spent busily scribbling down the pattern and I came away a very happy bunny.

When I arrived back home, I showed William the red wool and he was so excited and he wanted me to start it now!! Of course I couldn't because I hadn't got any needles with me so I needed to get to my mums and do it there. All he could say was, "Please Nannie, please, can't you do it with your fingers?" You could try. Now I am at my mums and it is time to knit the little Og-Pogs. As you can see, I am getting rather carried away now and have done a couple for the girls.
Mum, Dad, Richard and I have just enjoyed a lovely meal at Clare's. Mum always says she loves coming here because, with Clare and Kenny being trained chefs, the food is always superb.
While staying at mums, in the evenings, they put food out for the fox, (not very popular with the neighbours I expect) but oh how fascinating to watch them. A couple of them arrive at about 9.15pm and we watch them for about 15 minutes. They are very nervous which surprises me because you would think they would know they are on to a good thing. Here are these two people who go out and buy tins of dog food and put it out for them every night and welcome them into their garden, what is there to be nervous about? Mum and dad sit in darkness in their dining room just waiting for them to arrive and are thrilled to bits when they trot in. We are sure they have babies at the moment, so let's hope they won't be too disappointed while mum and dad are in France with us. Mum is busy planning what to pack and we are now counting the days off the calendar to when we leave. All Richard and I can think about is the height of the grass and weeds!! The neighbours did say they would mow it for us, let's hope they do.
Well, back off to mums again now, I will post again when I get near a computer.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Back in the UK again

Sometimes it's a job to know where we are, we travel back and forth so many times. We are here in the UK for 3 weeks now, until the 26th June as we have some celebrations to go to. Also I heard today that I have my re-scan on the 25th June, so fingers crossed on that. Although I have had the all clear once, I am still really worried about it. Richard and I are staying at my mum and dad's after a short stay with Vicki and the grandchildren which was wonderful. We will be doing various little jobs that mum and dad want doing and planning their trip back to France with us.

You will notice that there won't be many posts from me because I can't use my laptop at my parent's house, I am doing this at Clare's, but I will be catching up as soon as I can. My mum has said that she would like to be able to use a computer and we have a spare laptop, so while we are over in France, I am going to try and teach her, and if she gets on OK, she can have that one. The thing that really excited her was looking at my blog, she had no idea I was doing one and she couldn't quite get her head around the fact that you can put "pictures and diary" on there so your family and friends can read it. She particularly laughed at the photo I had posted of her and me in bed one morning. Bless her, 88 in October and wanting to blog, how cool is that??

I will post again when I can. Take care everyone, I'm now off to catch up on all your goings on.