Thursday, 14 April 2011


The call of the cuckoo, the buzz of the bee
This is the sound of spring to me,
The smell of the lilacs, the leaves on the tree
This is the meaning of spring to me

I was reading in bed, very dark, past midnight
Was amazed at the moon and the stars, how bright,
But as I listened, something seemed very wrong
Then realized I was hearing my first nightingale's song.

This morning the mountains are in their best gowns,
The sun glinting off them, how can I feel down?
We are preparing now for our friends to arrive,
Yes, spring has burst forth, time to feel alive.

So life doesn't always go the way we would like,
Bad decisions, ill health, any time may strike,
But on a day like today when you feel the sun's rays
Just sometimes the "yeas" outweigh the "nays"

The tulips my sister gave me
 in the box my girls gave me


Friday, 1 April 2011

1st April and the magic begins......

What a day it has been today.  Apart from the fact that it is the 1st of April it has also been very, very warm so we have been out in the garden most of the day.  The first amazing thing was, as we were sitting by the pond having our morning coffee, a kingfisher flew over the pond.  Two thoughts came into my head, the first being the fact that it is the most incredible coloured bird and a shame I could never take a photo of it because it is just too quick.  The second was, oh dear, we have been so happy this week because we have baby goldfish swimming about.  How long will they stay in the pond once the kingfisher visits us?  The second thing was ........ I saw our first swallow so they should be appearing in the near future.  As we were watching all this the cuckoo was cuckooing most of the day.  How much better can you get than that and not a penny was spent - all free.  Then of course there are all the flowers and shrubs coming out.  Here are just a few..
Tulips our good friends gave us for our ruby wedding anniversary a couple of years ago

A cowslip - one of my favourite flowers and I thought I had lost them

I have to go out every day just to get a fix of the perfume of my favourite shrub
This acer which has come into leaf in the last week
Oh dear, how many favourites can I have.  Being a lacemaker, this is the lacemakers emblem
We have had two super bits of news this week, firstly our beautiful twin girl grandchildren got a place in the school they wanted, so that is a relief all round.  It is such a stressful time for parents with this school placement, when did it all change when children just went to their nearest school?  The other piece of news was William telephoning us this morning to say that he had won an award at Beavers.  One for being good and polite.  How proud were his grandparents??????  Yes, very.  Well done William, we love you all very much.

Well, my eyes are beginning to droop so I think I may stop now and take to my bed with a good book, another wonderful thing to do that doesn't cost a penny.  Night night everyone.