Monday, 12 October 2009

Richard, me and my mum and dad outside Clare and Kenny's house in Penzance
Millie's "pink" dolly dress
"I love pink Nannie" so did I have a choice of colour, no I don't think so

My mum enjoying the dolly

Friday, 9 October 2009

Friends leave, summer ends

It has really been ages since I have posted and that is because we have been back to the UK to spend time with the family and also we have had visitors here. The first item there, the trip home to the UK was a brilliant trip. It was our grandchildren's 3rd birthday and we took my parents to visit for the day and I'm not sure who had more fun playing with the dolls the girls received, them or my mum!! She absolutely loved them and was jiggling them up and down and making the dolls giggle, then feeding them, hearing them suck, then burping them and helping them go to sleep, cuddling them when they cried. You name it, mum did it and loved every minute as you can see from the photo. With my mum being 89, when you think of the changes she has seen in everything, she must have been thinking about the dolls she played with as a child, no less loved of course, but so different. All for the better?? I'm not so sure.

After that we took mum and dad to stay for the weekend with my youngest daughter Clare and Kenny in Penzance and the weather could not have been better. The sun shone and we managed to get mum and dad down onto the beach and I was clambering on the rocks with Kenny and Clare and worrying my mum. It never changes does it, you always worry about your children, whatever age you or they are. We had a fabulous time with them and it was the first time my mum and dad had ever seen their new house, so a treat for us all.

We spent 2 weeks in the UK and managed to pack a lot in, Richard doing various jobs with dad in the garden. Dad was in one of his "building" moods and has made some lovely trellises for the garden and has worked really hard. It's all looking lovely. We did some shopping and went to Windsor for the day and basically had some good quality time with them. I miss them.

Back to France and we had some friends coming to stay so we had to get certain things ready for them. Di and Brian are really good friends and we see them when we are back home but have never had the need to stay overnight in each others houses so you always wonder how it will go when you are all living under the same room for a week. I needn't have worried, there was never a moments tension and it was a lovely relaxed week. We laughed a lot, chatted a lot, drank a lot, Brian likes Irish whiskey like me and Di and Richard were on the red wine. We did lots of jobs during the day and Di was an absolute star and helped Richard clear the massive pile of wood that needed sawing and stacking. Believe it or not, she enjoyed herself. We also had a clear out of the pond which had become over-run with bull rushes. Thank you both of you. The weather was perfect and we sat outside in the evening having dinner until about 10pm. Really hot during the day. Can you tell we enjoyed their stay. We loved it and feel very sad that they have gone home. Can't wait for them to visit again. Please don't wait another year both of you.

Now it's getting back to normal again, with summer ending and the evenings drawing in and all our friends have been and gone. It has been a wonderful summer, though the lack of rain is still a problem. I can now get back to my sewing and knitting. I am busy making dolls clothes for the girls for Christmas so that's keeping me busy at the moment. I love it though.

For some reason I can't post any photos so I will post this anyway and try and post some photos later on.