Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Last time for a while

As the title says I will be going off for a while, going back to the UK to visit family and most importantly, celebrate my parents' 70th wedding anniversary.   Should be a good party!!  I thought I would show you some of the produce that we will be missing.  Such a shame, especially my favourites, the raspberries.  Our friends gave us these canes and they are golden raspberries which I hadn't tried before, but oh my goodness, they are amazing.  Lots more as well but I won't bore you with any more photos.

Delicious lettuce

Redcurrant.  We need more bushes of these, can't do much with the fruit of just one

Golden raspberries.  One of the best tastes in the world

At least we will be back ready to harvest these beauties

I love the action of the grasses.  I want to get some more varieties
In between the garden and nursing a very sore knee I have been getting on with knitting the blankie that I mentioned in my previous blog.  It's fun to do and grows quite quickly really, considering I am such a slow knitter.  Here is a picture of how it is coming along.

Blankie - such fun to knit
Such a good way of using up excess sock wool, but don't worry, I haven't knitted that many socks, my family aren't walking around with 10 pairs of socks on!!   Most of this wool was given to me by my friend Gillie.

I will sign off now and not sure when I will be back as I can't get on line while at my parent's house.  Enjoy this good weather, even though we need some rain I know.  Love to all my family and friends and we will be seeing some of you very soon.

Aims, should you read this, I hope you are feeling better and that your hand is letting you get back to your craft.  Talk to you soon. xx