Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I think it's time I came back

I don't know why I stopped posting but time has just vanished, so no excuses, though I think maybe I should try again.  This is just me dipping my toe in the water to see if anyone is out there.  Later on I will sort out some photos and get back to normal again.

The weather here has been dreadful and we were even up at 5.30am on Friday making and filling sand bags to stop the water coming into the house.  Luckily the water stayed about 1 foot away from the front door.  Very scary.  The last couple of days has been lovely and warm but we are due to have the rain back again.  Our pond is still overflowing and we can't get anywhere near it because of the boggy ground so if we have more rain, goodness knows what will happen.  We have never had this amount of rain in this part of France, it's the wettest May on record.  We have just planted some tomatoes and courgettes and we hope we don't see them floating down the road!!!

This year I was very lucky to go on a quilting retreat in Kentucky and it was absolutely amazing.  I will try and sort out some photos to give you some idea of what it was like.

I will close this post now and hopefully I will be able to continue these posts but make them more interesting.

I hope someone is out there ............