Friday, 26 August 2011

What a summer!!!!

It has been ages since I last posted and I have to say my feet haven't really touched the ground.  We drove mum and dad home after their fabulous stay with us, and then drove back with Vicki, Bill and family following us for an 18 day stay.  It was so good to have them with us but now............. how sad....
The swing only moves in the breeze, the tree looks empty and there is no-one to call to say they have gone up too high and can't get down, occassionaly we find and tread on little plastic animals and shout because they hurt, but most of all it is so quiet. We think we are getting used to the idea of being without our children and then I find this......

I love you too my beautiful children
These beautiful little notes, we found beside our bed one night when 2 of the children were being rather naughty and wouldn't go to sleep.  We kept hearing these little feet running about upstairs and poor mummy was getting rather annoyed.  Anyway, when we went to bed, we all had these little notes beside each side of our beds.  How can you be cross when you find these??

A couple more photos for you.....

Action man feeling rather tired
Our breakfast time now seems rather boring

The girls chilled a lot in the hammock
Thousands of pictures in my head that will stay with me always, and the children even got me swimming, and that is saying something.  I really don't do water.  All in all, a brilliant summer and I could say it has now left a huge hole, but no, we are now getting ready to go back to the UK and we will be spending a couple of weeks with Clare and Kenny in Penzance.  Oh!!!  I am SO looking forward to that.  Clare has got lots of "crafty" things planned for us to do (that's Clare and me) and I can't wait.  Richard will be keeping Kenny very busy with various computer questions etc.  I know I won't want to leave.  Clare and Kenny prepared.