Thursday, 24 February 2011

Faith * Family * Friends

The title of this blog is lovely and these three words are above the french doors in Vicki's lounge and they mean a lot to our family.  Faith, we have had to have a lot of that this last year and it has paid off because last week, once again, Richard got the all-clear and we don't have to go back for any more blood tests for 6 months, so all is well.  Also, while we are here we are able to go to church on a regular basis which is great as it is something I miss when we are in France.

Family, well as you can imagine we certainly enjoy our time back in the UK because we catch up with all of our family.  The only massive disappointment is the fact that Clare lives in Cornwall and we just can't manage the 5-6 hour trip there when we are here for only a short time.  Guess what??  Clare came to see us when we were staying at my mum and dads and she stayed for a night so how lucky were we??  The photo is lovely and is of Clare and my mum trying to teach Clare how to crochet.   Not easy when Clare is left handed and mum isn't!!  These times are precious when your child  and grandparent are together, especially when my mum is 90 - bless.  I can't believe it, but it is their 70th wedding anniversary this year.  Isn't that amazing?  They are so happy together as well and always have been, I know I'm very very lucky.

Learning the craft of crochet
Of course the other side of family comes with Vicki, Bill and our beautiful grandchildren, and today Richard (Grampie) was able to teach the girls to ride "big bikes" without stabilizers and oh my goodness, how much did he enjoy that as you can see from the photos below.

Jaime on the first solo ride
Look at that little face, thrilled or what??
Millie's turn, well done Grampie
A very proud brother with his sisters
Where on earth does the time go, we have to enjoy every second don't we?  By the way, don't be alarmed, our road is a cul-de-sac so no traffic comes down there!

Friends - we have been able to catch up with quite a few of our friends while we've been over here, perhaps not as many as we would have liked, but with the hospital visits, it hasn't been easy this time, but what special times they are.  Hopefully a lot of them will be able to come and visit us in France this year.

Well I think I have gone on enough but just to let you know that we are back at my parent's house again next week so no access to the computer again.  Before I go, I would like to wish Cyndy a fabulous time when she heads off to her quilting retreat.  Oh!  how I wish I was able to come with you.  You never know, one day.... I think I will have to have a special pot in which to put some "holiday" money as I have two special quilting friends now in the USA, Cyndy and Sharlene and I can think of nothing better than spending some time with them just quilting the day away and being able to buy cheap fabric!!!  Did I say that??  No Richard, I know I have a big enough stash.

Thanks for popping by, talk again soon.