Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Guess What??

Where has the time gone since I last posted? I haven't a clue though we have been very busy getting ready for an old school friend of mine coming to visit. They were only here for a couple of days on their way through on holiday but it was lovely to see them. They haven't been here before so there was so much for them to see and good that they will get the before and after in a lot of the rooms. We are leaving for the UK tomorrow morning (Thursday) so that has kept us pretty busy as well, closing the house down and arranging for the looking after of Smokey and the ducks. Mostly though, our time is taken up looking at the ducks, they are so amusing and make us laugh a lot and guess what???........
By the time we get back from the UK, I could be a grandma to ducklings.... how cool is that? All the neighbours are on "duck watch" while we are away because while Poppy is sitting on her nest, Thomas stands guard on the wrong side of the hedge so he is in the road!!! We have tried herding him back but he just goes back there. I can't bear it, these children are such a worry aren't they? Surely he won't stand there during the night will he, can anyone answer that question for me? Deborah perhaps you will know. I just hope and pray he will stay on the pond during the night. Poppy has chosen a good place and is hidden, you just wouldn't know she was there unless you knew, she is amongst brambles.

Last week my sister sent me a "present" which came through the post. How lovely it is to get something unexpected in squishy jiffy bags. I opened it and it is 1 ball of wool, with 4 needles, double ended I have to say and a pattern. Now according to the pattern this ball of wool makes one pair of socks and a lovely little gift pouch to put them in. Oh how I could do with aims here because I have started these wretched socks quite a few times now and pulled them off the needles. I have NEVER knitted with more than 2 needles and never attempted socks or anything like that. and every time I got to the second "round" I had all the stitiches on one needle, how on earth do you join them up to make a round? It's beyond me I'm afraid. By the way, did you know that when you throw knitting wool out of the window in anger and frustration it doesn't make a noise :-) I will take it back to the UK and get some back up from there. They look beautiful but when I read the pattern and it talks about "grafting" the toe to finish off, I sort of go cold. I bet Hilary, my sister, is laughing her head off reading this, she found it quite easy so be ready for when I come back Hilary, I need you.

I will probably be quiet over the next couple of weeks though I will be reading everyone's blogs, you kind of get addicted don't you. Take care all of you and I will chat when I get back. I can't wait to see the family again, my mum and dad, my daughters and their husbands and of course the grandchildren, not forgetting my sister and her family, knitting needles at the ready. I will come back totally tired, knackered and happy with batteries re-charged. Happy Easter everyone, God bless.