Monday, 27 July 2009

Sun, water melons and paddling pools

I can't believe the family has been here for a week already. Poor Bill went home yesterday after a wonderful, hot week playing with the children in the paddling pool, they have had a whale of a time. Because it is so hot, we play outside during the morning, then come in for lunch and we either play inside or they watch a dvd until it gets a little cooler. They think it's great being able to eat breakfast outside and tea, but not lunch, it's too hot. William quite likes to "chill" with little kitten upstairs and he has taken ownership of her and he is being very responsible.
Today they have gone to visit their cousins and play in the swimming pool though it is a bit cooler today. Not a bad thing, a bit of a relief. I have taken loads and loads of photos but quite honestly most of them are of the children with wonderful little naked dimpled bottoms so not to be put on here, but you can imagine. It is so good to see them running around our garden at long last, and to think we have about 4 more weeks of this. We are enjoying ourselves so much.

A couple of the photos here are of the children enjoying some water melon and us all out on a walk/bike ride with Mabel the dog. I have to say, the dog is being very good which is such a relief because both Richard and I were so worried about having her here, with having no fences and she has no idea where our boundaries are, but so far, no problem apart from her having a fettish about paddling pools...........

We loved one comment that William made, you know the telephone lines are 4 in a row, like music, well there were loads and loads of swallows sitting on there, a classic picture, and William comes and tells us that he has been watching "bird church". Apparently they were all sitting in their pews singing to Jesus. How cute is that. Children's minds are wonderful aren't they?

I will go now and have a quick tidy up while everyone is out now that I have caught up with emails, blogging etc. The trouble is, the computer is in the room that the children are sleeping in so I'm not getting on here very much, so apologies for not commenting. Back to normal in a few weeks. Bye for now, talk again whenever I can sneak in here....

Monday, 13 July 2009

Just Boosting our Batteries

I don't know where the time has gone since I last posted, but wherever it went, it was good while it lasted. We had our very dear friends Sue and Jim here for a week and it was lovely to just chill with them and catch up with what has been going on in our respective lives. I hate to say how many years I have known Sue, but if I say it is over 50 will that suffice??

I thought I would let you know how little kitten is getting on. Her name is Sophie, a little french don't you think? We obviously have her for all time now because there is no way that Richard is going to let her go. We did ask around at the beginning if anyone wanted a kitten, but it's too late now, she is ours. Smokey is so good with her, though he bats her every now and then just to keep her in line, but all in all, they are doing great together, beginning to play as you will see from one of the photos. The other photo I have put there is of Smokey's eyes, aren't they the most beautiful blue?
As it says in the heading, Richard and I are now filling our reserves, boosting our batteries, ready for Vicki, Bill and the 3 grandchildren to arrive this Sunday. We can't wait, but we know we are going to be absolutely knackered at the end of the month. One of the problems we may have is the fact that it is so hot during the day, so what on earth do we do with them, they certainly can't be outside all the time. I am getting crayons, books, glue and anything else I can think of ready to play with. A friend also gave me a recipe for home made play doh. I won't make it until the children are ready to help.........I wonder if that is a good idea? Yes, I'm sure it is. I only wish they were old enough for other crafts like sewing and knitting but William will think it's a bit girlie I'm sure and the twin girls are only 2, well 3 in September so a bit young yet. Never mind, we'll think of something.

Hopefully I will be able to post while they are here and I know Vicki will want to as well so we should have some lovely photos later on. Till then, time to take deep breaths, relax and panic getting the house ready. It's funny because until you know you are having small children to stay and you look around, you don't realise what an unsafe environment we live in. Richard has various tools, saws, knives, chain saw!!! hammers etc. which I'm sure William will love, but not quite the toys he should be playing with. Bye, talk again soon.