Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day

In the UK it is Mother's Day on Sunday, so if my sister looks at my blog, I am sending the photos of the flowers for my mum. Happy Mother's Dad mum, I love you very much and will see you in a couple of weeks. I can't wait. We saw this little clump of violets when we were out for a walk and I couldn't get very close to them, and I get very frustrated because I know if I had a slightly better camera I could zoom in to them and you would see them better. Still, they were still wonderful to see. The others are a little clump of daffodils we have in the garden and one of the stems has 3 heads on it. Just beautiful.
I have no idea where the time has gone since I last posted. It was glorious sunshine then and spring had arrived, but since then we have had a day of snow and it has been rather cold, so we haven't done much outside. We started weeding the beds and just when Richard wanted to mow the lawn, the snow came and it is rather wet again. We were hoping to get the grass mowed before we go back to the UK for Easter.
I had a wonderful surprise yesterday because the most amazing bunch of flowers came to the door for me for Mother's day. These were from Clare, so thank you. I have a card from Vicki and I know that I have a special "day out" organised for when I go back so I am really looking forward to that. I keep making guesses as to where we are going, but she keeps telling me off, I have to wait and see :-) It is also our wedding anniversary on Monday, 41 years. It only seems a few months ago that I was telling you all that it would be our ruby anniversary and here we are another year on. It's quite frightening isn't it?
Should Tracy read this, we wish you a very happy birthday for Monday. I bet there will be another super handbag somewhere in the presents!!! We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks time when we are back.
That's about it for this time, I wish you all a good weekend and for my family, I love you loads.