Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Pied Bird Catcher

Can you see me mum? As you can see from the "spot the cat" picture, she just loves it when we fill the bird feeders. Before you all go "Oh no, that's really cruel", she really is too silly to ever catch one. I have seen her catch one bird and she brought it to me as pleased as punch into the kitchen, put it down to show me and it flew off thank goodness. I know it's only nature, but you hate to see them catch things don't you, although it's all rather small fry with Sophie. Anyway, this is as far as she gets and that's OK with me.
In this post I have just posted some photos so while we are back in the UK we can look from time to time at what has been going on in our garden, the roses this year have been amazing and at least we have been able to see them. We are going to miss all our fruits, the potatoes, the onions we are going to dig up and take with us, the cherries have been and gone and to be honest there weren't very many of those this year. Never mind, there will always be another time.
The next photo is of our pond, specially for our friends Di and Brian who were with us last year and helped us clear it out and get rid of all the bullrushes. Just look at it now, you wouldn't believe Di was standing about halfway down, still with no water around her.

Now for our flowers. Sorry to all the photographers among you, I only wish I could do them justice. One day I am going to get myself a decent camera and have some lessons. The first being the most perfect white rose, the second is for my sister who bought us this pineapple tree, the name being because the flower really does smell of pineapples. The next is of the roses on the side of the house. These were already here when we bought the house. Amazing.

Well, our time is nearly up here and we have nearly caught up in the garden, but of course, at this time of year, you never really finish do you because the next day, the weeds are back. We have dug over the flower beds and loaded them high with the grass mowings hoping that it will keep the weeds down and also the moisture in. I am going to start putting the crockery that is on my dresser away so it won't be such a mammoth task when we get back to wash it all again! The problem is not knowing how long we are going to be away. Little Sophie is going to be well cared for by our neighbour David. I did wonder about asking someone if they would like her, not knowing which was the best for her, but David said she will be fine and we know he loves her and gives her as many cuddles as he can. He will be rather busy though because his cat Pica has just had 2 beautiful kittens. So this is it, on to our next adventure, what do they say, Life is a tapestry, it just seems our stitches have gone a bit wrong at the moment, so a bit of unpicking and re-stitching is required and we have the most amazing family and friends in the UK waiting to give us all the support we need.
I will try and post again before we leave but if not, I will try when I get back to the UK, but remember I'm not able to get on the computer when we are staying with my mum and dad. Be patient, we will be back. God bless, talk again soon.