Thursday, 21 July 2011

A time to cherish

I haven't been able to blog for a long time because for some reason my password just wasn't being accepted and something was wrong.  It has taken us this long to sort it out, but we would never be able to do it without Clare and Kenny.  Kenny would make the most amazing teacher because he never says anything when we keep asking the same questions over and over again, he just talks us through it again without showing any signs of giving up on us.  Thanks Kenny you are wonderful.  We are so lucky to have both of them at the end of the phone, our very own help-line.

As you may remember we went back to the UK to celebrate mum and dad's 70th wedding anniversary and here is a photo of Richard and I with our family.  Obviously mum and dad in the middle, Clare and Kenny on the left and Vicki and Bill on the right with our beautiful grandchildren on mum and dad's laps with William in the middle.

4 generations in one photo - very special
The second photo is of my dad on the first day we arrived in France.  The shorts came on and he was getting to know Sophie.  We are very lucky because Sophie doesn't hold it against us because we have been away.  I know one cat we had didn't come near us for a few days after we came back from holiday, but Sophie takes it all in her stride and she just loves it when we get back here.

A happy dad and a happy cat
This last photo speaks for itself.  This sunflower must have been planted as a seed from a bird or something because we never planted it, but oh my goodness, it is just beautiful.  I wonder if I take the seeds and plant them next year, will they be multi-headed like this one or will it revert to a single flower.  Anyone know the answer to that one?  They are such happy flowers aren't they?

All these flowers on just one stem - lots of happiness in this one
I will stop this post now, I just wanted to make sure it worked again.  I will be taking more photos to share with you.  Much love to all our family and friends.

Aims, I hope you are doing OK.  Will write again soon.  Take care and God bless.