Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Meet Little Kitten

I thought I would post and introduce you to our new addition.  Once again, this kitten was found in a friend's garden and although she was desperate to keep him/her/it, she has lost 4 already on the busy road she lives on before they reached a year old and she wasn't prepared to go through the pain again.

It was brilliant because we have just had very good friends staying here for a week and they are cat lovers so we were able to go and pick up "little kitten" while they were with us.  As you can imagine, time is just wasted while watching the antics of the kitten and meeting our Sophie.  Here are some photos for you which Brian very kindly took for us.

Little kitten about 8 or 9 weeks old

Very naughty - found some bread on the table.  Not allowed up there!!

Mmmmm...  licking lips, very nice

Peek-a-boo - who are you

Shall we play?  Please don't hurt me
Haven't settled on a name yet, our friend had called her Lily, as in Lilliput, but we think she is a he.  Could we still call her Lily if she is a boy?  Such a cute name though.  Others we have been given is Sooty!!, Snowy, Sacha and Putty as in Lilliputty....Clever though I'm SURE our vet here in France wouldn't get that at all.

We have had the most amazing week with our friends and nearly every tree and shrub in the garden has been pruned, chopped, tidied and made beautiful.  Herb bed has been weeded by Di and they have loved it.  You can't go wrong with friends like that can you?  Just being yourselves and not having to try to be anyone else.  I will certainly miss them and can't wait for them to visit again.

A bit of shopping at the local weekly market
Well, once again, that's it for now.  Love to everyone reading this, especially my family.  Will post again soon.


Vixbil said...

Such a GORGEOUS little cutie!!!!!!! So glad you had such a good time. Also, really like the pic of you and Di at the end xxx Miss you and love you xxx

apple tree quilter said...

I love kittens, may just be why we have so many! 5 outside and three in the house.
My Mom has a white kitty with some blond spots. Her name is Taffy. I love odd names for animals. It adds to their individuality.