Friday, 9 December 2011

Piccalilli, Packing and Presents

Well, as the title says I have been busy making, washing and ironing and wrapping.  We are getting ready to go back to the UK so I have to finish off everything here.  The first thing we did was make some piccalilli and it is amazing how the colour changes during the process.  Oh my goodness though, how it made my eyes smart while stirring the sauce.   I assume it was the mustard and turmeric that did that.  Fun though and now the shelves in my larder are beginning to groan under the weight of chutneys and jams etc.

Just with the vinegar

A little further on

Stingy eyes sauce nearly ready

Voila - 8 jars of piccalilli
I have to say I was surprised with the colour, because when you buy it in the shops it is very yellow and this is quite a lot darker.  I suppose it's no colouring, preservatives etc.  The only problem is, you have to leave it for 3 months before you try - well that's what they say.

I have now finished wrapping all the Christmas presents that I have here though I have a lot in the UK waiting to be wrapped, but at least I'm ahead of the game for once.  Also, my head is buzzing with ideas of what to make for next year.  I certainly need to start sooner so come February, I will start choosing what needs to be done.  You heard it here ....... will it happen?  Who knows.  Good intentions though.

Slowly becoming friends
As you can see our little kitten Sooty has settled in really well.  He is adorable and the two of them have a lot of fun together but also, the fur flies sometimes because he is such a tinker and keeps jumping on Sophie and play fighting.  He has also got the hang of using the cat flap so we have no worries when we are back in the UK, they both now have a bolt hole and their own little french farmhouse.

Now I need to get my head around what I need to pack for over the Christmas holidays.  We are staying for most of January as it is Vicki's 40th birthday so we need to take quite a bit of warm clothing with us.  I hate and detest the packing part of going back to the UK, I seem to be doing it all the time.

Take care everyone, much love to my family who are reading this and see you soon.


apple tree quilter said...

Packing to go to the kids is exciting for me, but I don't do it nearly as often as you do. We had such a fun time when the kids were here for Thanksgiving. Just wish they were coming back for Christmas. Maybe next year. Are you flying or driving? In either case, have a safe trip to the UK.

aims said...

I've noted too that you are always packing to go back and forth. I remember will SITH getting ready to move to France and selling everything off. Of course she was moving from Ontario, Canada. A different situation altogether.

Plus I have another friend who bought a farmhouse in France but lives in the UK with her brother - the dream slowly fading even though they still own the farmhouse.

Did you buy this house and fix it up as a permanent home? As I recall you stay with family when you 'pack up' and go. Of course you are so lucky to have such a close family no wonder you do go so often.

How is hubby's health?