Sunday, 8 January 2012

I must plan to achieve

Now is the time to start planning as to what I am going to make for gifts for next year.  Clare had given me inspiration with her cross stitching and I loved doing it, so it makes sense to plan what to do next.  The idea of just having one colour thread works really well for me so this is where I start.  I also want to create something for over my fireplace and I have the idea of three framed cross-stitch words, but it is surprising how difficult it is to think of 3 words that mean a lot to Richard and me without being too obvious.  Below are a couple I did as gifts this Christmas.

One version finished

Another version unfinished
What I need to do next time is make sure I stitch them the right size so I can get a frame to fit.  I couldn't get one for either of these and it makes the gifts rather expensive to have them made!!!!  Clare is the planner and I usually "borrow" her patterns, but this time I think I need to do it myself.

I am also going to do a quilting project with my friend in America and I am rather nervous about that because I'm not very proficient, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

We are going back to my parents for a couple of weeks now so I won't be able to access our computer again for a while.  I do have my patterns and graph paper though so I won't be idle.

Take care all of you, talk again soon.


apple tree quilter said...

I'd buy the frames first and them adjust the size of fabrict to that. I know that Aida and linen come in different thread counts which would vary the size of the completed project. Hope this helps.

apple tree quilter said...

Just saw a small wall hanging like your Noel, but it was LOVE for Valentine's Day. Would be great in the red and white, too!