Friday, 17 February 2012

Just a few random snapshots

Not one particular subject to talk about today but a few photos to share.  The first couple are of our beautiful cats who are so pleased to have us back even though their "Uncle David" spoils them while we are away.  I will always worry in case they get a bit uppity on our return and pack their little spotted hankies on a stick and walk up the road to their other parent!!

They have become good friends

No mummy, this is our bed
The next picture is rather sad.  I found this beautiful lapwing struggling in the field behind our pond and went to rescue it, as Sooty was there as well.  There wasn't a mark on it so don't know what the problem was apart from the fact that it couldn't seem to fly.  I don't think it was Sooty as the bird is almost as big as he is and I would have thought there would be some damage. There are telephone wires overhead so whether or not it went into those I'm not sure.  I warmed it up, kept it in a box to let it get it's wind back, but unfortunately it died.  I was amazed at the colour of it though, his back was an incredible dark petrol green and it was a very special moment to be able to hold it for just a while.

How beautiful
The next photo should bring back a few memories to some people.  Richard and I are really enjoying it, to drink the coffee from it or just look at it.  It was sitting in mum and dad's kitchen for - I don't know how many years, and I finally asked if I could bring it back home with me.  Isn't it the most glorious coffee pot?  Very retro and very authentic.

Is it from the 70's or the 80's?
This last photo was taken on Richard's birthday in January while we were in the UK when we all went out for lunch, all our family and 2 very special friends.  I just love the fact that my mum and Jaime are sharing a special joke and look so cheeky.

3 generations apart and can still share a joke - priceless
 Well that's about it for now.  Hello to all my friends who read this but don't leave a comment so it was such a lovely surprise to me to know they look in.  Hopefully some craft items will be put on next time.  Also, a "hello" to my beautiful sister and her family.  Love you guys.


Vixbil said...

I love that last pic, esp the hair...miss her hair already xxxx

apple tree quilter said...

That's a lovely quilt on your bed. Did you make it?
I love the picture of Great Gram & Jaime. I have one like it of my Mom & Hannah. Just precious!

apple tree quilter said...

Meant to tell you I love the new background of quilt patches.