Friday, 12 February 2010

Before and after

Sitting here with the snow falling gently outside the window with the sun shining on the mountains showing off their wedding gowns, it's easy to know why we are here, but yesterday when there was more drilling in the walls and we were looking through a fog of dreadful dusty mud from the walls, you often wonder. I ask myself will it ever be finished and did we start this much too late in our lives, but being realistic we couldn't have done it before because we were working. To make myself feel a little better I thought I would look to see how far we have come. The first photo is when we were viewing the property.
The next one is a closer look at the work that had to be done. Perhaps another day I will show you some of the inside.
The last one is of the outside and taken by a very good friend of ours who has the knack of making our house look very nice indeed. Sorry about the car in the drive. If I was clever I would be able to take that out, but ho hum..... you have the car!!!
So now I have looked at these and realise just how much we have achieved in a short time, it makes me feel better.


softinthehead said...

Hazel it looks lovely, I did that recently with ours and though we have much further to go than you, progress has been made. Yours looked positively civilized when you first viewed, ours was like something from Sleeping Beauty, you literally couldn't reach the back of the house for the overgrowth of many years. You have given me an idea for a post- do pop over to check it out:)

apple tree quilter said...

Oh, so you feel better now! Wonderful, but I'm suffering a great deal of envy. What amazing things you and Richard have accomplished with your venture. You have every reason in the world to be proud and happy!

One of these days, I'm coming to check it out myself!!!!

Jelly Wares said...

What a lovely old building.... I can't wait to see some pics of the inside..

Jodie :)