Sunday, 7 July 2013

Friends are a true blessing

Richard and I have just had the most amazing week with our friends staying with us.  To say we were concerned before they came is an understatement because it hadn't stopped raining and we had been flooded, twice, just missing coming in the front door by inches.  We picked them up from the airport and the weather changed and so the holiday began, as did the sunshine.

The best part of having Brian and Di to stay is the fact that they just want to see the way we live here, do all the usual chores and visit our friends, so when we speak to them on the phone and talk about our friends, they can put faces to names.  We had lots of meals with fun and laughter with friends and family and a trip to a very pretty town in Spain - Ainsa.  To be honest Richard and I were very sorry to see them go.

I will show you some photos of what we were up to, mostly gardening.  Once Di had got a bee in her bonnet, there was no stopping her.  Talk about a little "light weeding".

A few more weeds were in a HUGE trailer ready for the tip!

Work in progress

We now have a hedgerow we can see, and those small trees are wild plums!! Yummy

Di found this chap and was brave enough to lift it and put it in the bucket.  Me?? I screamed and ran when it started walking up the bucket so I could take a photo!!
I wonder how many miles Di walked with this wheelbarrow

What is it with men and bonfires??  They just love them

A beautiful day out in Spain with a fabulous meal.  Just perfect, good friends, food and weather.  It also got Di out of the garden for the day!!

While Brian was here I was taking the opportunity of taking advice on my new camera.  I told him the effect I wanted and after a few takes, I think I got it.  Not a fancy camera, just basic.  I would really like to take some good macro shots and I think my camera will do that, sort of, because I don't have a macro lens, just the facility on the camera.  I will let you know later on....  Watch this space.

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Vixbil said...

Awww, sounds like you all had a lovely time xx Can't wait till we visit, not long now xx